NECA 12" Head to Tail Godzilla Review

I’ve been loving life with all the great Godzilla merchandise that has popped up recently. So far, I’ve already picked up the 3 ¾”playset with Godzilla and Muto, Atomic Roar Godzilla, and the massive JAKKS Pacific Godzilla. The kid in me loves the playability of these figures, but the collector in me wants something more. They’re great toys, sure, but none of them are particularly detailed representations of the monster from the movie. This new Godzilla is cool enough that I need a figure with a really great likeness for my display and there’s nobody who can provide a figure like that better than NECA. So let's see what NECA can do with this Godzilla, which measures a full 12" head to tail.

Before I go into that, though, I should say that is a co-review with Ridureyu over at We wanted to do something special for the release of Godzilla this week so we agreed to post a review of the same figure on the same day. Be sure to check out for his review... that dude can take some awesome pics of action figures, let me tell you. Anyway, on with the show!

Now, I realize that I often poo-poo collector-oriented action figures, but that’s not to say that collectible toys don’t have a place in my collection. They do... and that place is sitting on a display shelf after I’ve positioned it in the coolest pose possible. They’re figures to examine, maybe repose every once in a while, but I don't consider them to be playable toys. That’s okay, sometimes I need a figure like that. And now is one of those times with this NECA Godzilla.

So here we have the 12” head to tail Godzilla from NECA. I think that moniker is a bit befuddling, so let’s be clear: this is a 6”-scale figure. The tail is separated in the packaging so you’ll have a little assembly to do. And it can be a bit of a pain to get that tail attached… literally, because it takes some effort to push in the tail and the back spikes dig into your hand all the while.

What I want from this figure is a nearly perfect sculpt and NECA doesn't disappoint. It’s easily the most detailed and accurate nu-Godzilla figure that I’ve seen. You can really drink in all the great textures of the 2014 design, and it’s pretty photogenic too as the light picks up all those wonderful details astoundingly well.

The sculpt is a little distorted by the articulation. Like the MonsterArts Godzillas, the neck and torso are articulated by a series of arthropod-esque segments. It’s far less garish than the MonsterArts figures but it is noticeable. There are lots of other points of articulation, although the design of the character doesn’t allow much range of movement. That's not really the point, though; the point is to allow enough subtle movement to create some really realistic poses, and the figure does that well. Oh yeah, the end of the tail is bendy, too.

The thing that really surprised me was the quality of the plastic. It’s been a while since I’ve bought a NECA figure, but I seem to remember that their plastic was really hard and brittle. Not so with G14! The plastic is solid and rubbery, making the figure feel much more substantial while reducing the possibility of accidental breakage.

I wouldn’t say this Godzilla is play-friendly, though. The back spikes are thin and inflexible, and I can see a kid easily snapping them off... or poking his eye out, for that matter. That’s okay, this is a figure that’s really meant to be enshrined on your display shelf. If you want a playable Godzilla, check out one of the Bandai figures with all their great play features.

I dropped a cool $19 on this Godzilla, which is significantly more than what I would feel comfortable spending on a figure of this size. There are justifications for that, namely the fact that its incredible sculpt and articulation don't come cheap, but this is still on the expensive side for me. Add shipping (since I got this from the NECA eBay store) and this dude took a big chunk out if my dork budget.

Regardless, I think collectors will go nuts over this NECA Godzilla. It just looks gorgeous. I have difficulty justifying $20 for a figure these days, but I think that most collectors will think this dude is worth it. NECA will also be releasing a 24" head to tail Godzilla (which would make him 12" tall, I guess), so I'll be interested to see how that turns out. Scroll down for more pics!

And remember, be sure to check out Nerditis for Ridureyu's take on this Godzilla! I mean, look at that shot below. Awesome!

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