Kabuto Mushi MKII, Wave 3

Kabuto Mushi is back, and this time with Glyaxia power! This is the third wave of Glyos-compatible Kabuto Mushi figures (you can also check out wave 1 and wave 2). There's a lot for fans of clear plastic figures to love with the Radioactive, Smoke, and Infection colorways. Not only that, but this wave also includes the dynamic blue/yellow Glyaxia figures, my favorite KM colorways yet! Click through for more pics, and don't forget to say hi to the Mini-Mushis!

I've just decided on my preferred "hero" build so you'll see a lot of that here. It's basically the same as the standard build but the shoulder mid-piece is connected to the knee. I think it gives the figure heroic proportions and makes him more dynamic by extending the range of movement in the legs. Check it out below! And you can pick up any of these colorways over at TheGodBeast Store!





...and a scorpion (made with the Smoke and Infection figures).

These figures were received from TGB Customs as compensation for illustration work.

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