Return of the Walking Dud, Part II

The Walking Dud are back to horrify your action figure collection once more! True Cast Studio is dropping another release of these Glyos-compatible zombies, featuring one in a Pheyden Blue colorway and another with "Ultra Rotten" paint apps. Here's the low-down from Marty "TheGodBeast" Hansen:
The Walking Dud drop is August 31st @ 8pm CST
There will be 2 different figures with different price points:
  • $8 for the Pheyden Blue Dud in factory sealed baggie
  • $15 for the "Ultra Rotten" Dud in factory sealed baggie
  • $20 for the "Ultra Rotten DX" Dud in clamshell w/ header card

Click through for pics, starting with...

Pheyden Blue Dud

First up we have the Pheyden Blue Dud, so named because the color is similar to the standard Pheyden colorway from the Glyos line. I love this coloration because the blue is bright and fun but not so much so that it overpowers the sculpted detailing.

This color works particularly well with zombie figures because it reminds me a lot of the bluish skin that the zombies had in the original Dawn of the Dead movie. Above, you can see Pheyden Dud with a similar colorway from the October Toys ZOMBIE line. The plastic is close enough that these figures will look great on the shelf together.

Ultra Rotten DX Dud

Also available is the Ultra Rotten figure featuring some really nice paint apps. The DX version comes with clamshell packaging and a backer card; in fact, the paint apps are very similar to the illustration I did for the card, so maybe that artwork served as inspiration for this deco.

I should note that this plastic is a very different material than the prototype Dud (shown above left). For one thing, the plastic is production PVC rather than the flexible rubber used for the proto-Dud. But also this new one has a very different coloration, as you can see above. Oh yeah, the new guy's bald too.

Glyos Compatibility

Remember The Walking Dud is Glyos-compatible! That means that you can pop off the joints and recombine Dud in all sorts of amalgamations with other Glyos-compatible figures. Above, you can see Dud mingling with Robo Force and Sarvos. You can also mix and match with other Duds, shown in the upper right pic with Test Shot Green head and arms.

And that's the third release of The Walking Dud! Let's hope we get plenty more colorways soon... I'd love to see a multi-colored army of these freaky zombies.

This figure was received from True Cast Studio for this feature and as compensation for illustration work.

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