Kabuto Mushi Wave 5 - Ground Beetorian and Sectivorus Supreme

Behold, Kabuto Mushi Wave 5 featuring Ground Beetorian and Sectivorus Supreme! Considering TGB Customs released this wave last month and it's already sold out, I kind of missed the relevance boat with this one. But maybe you can catch up with TGB at Designercon 2014 this weekend (Booth #300, shared with Mystical Warriors of the Ring)! Anyway, time for me to play a little catch up!

Ground Beetorian

The big news with this wave is that it's the first to include significant paint apps, with 35 total paint applications for each figure. I never really thought that Kabuto Mushi really needed paint before, but the painted claws and spikes add a lot to the look.

Sectivorus Supreme

Let's do a couple different builds this time. First, there's the creepy crawly above. And for the Ground Beetorian, I thought I'd try out one of the builds I saw on Instagram by s.i.m.o.n.n.g. Check out all the wonderfully imaginative creatures he created.

My favorite is this dude. He reminds me of the aliens from the old War of the Worlds movie, and I love the claw-hammer idea.

This release might be over and done with, but you can still get more Mushis in TheGodBeast Store which has a lot of other cool colorways available.

This figure was received from TheGodBeast for this feature and as compensation for illustration work.

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